This covers things about Linux. Target audience is non-programmer power users, with the objective of providing practical how-to information on becoming task-productive without having to launch into a development project.
Areas included are accessible at the following links:

These are things that I've found to be useful. There are myriad blog and forum posts that address practically any problem that anyone has experienced. But sometimes it's frustrating to find numerous search returns on something that are just people asking about a problem and no one answering with anything useful. You've likely read them yourself—things such as: "I'm having the same problem," "Please post the result of <whatever command>," "Exactly what are you trying to accomplish?" "Yes, that's a known bug," "Well that's what worked for me," "I tried all of your suggestions, and it still didn't work as it's supposed to. I just can't figure out what's wrong." Etc., etc. And in most instances the replies are genuine efforts to be helpful, just the way an open source community is supposed to work—so what's the problem?
The problem is that there will always be things the community is still sorting out, and the real answer in these situations is that there is no answer—yet. There's no proprietary vendor to rant about. There's no jerk who just refuses to solve "your" problem. There's no one to chew your food for you. Your task is to embrace the task, and in so doing accelerate your skill development—even if your instant problem isn't solved immediately.
But when solutions are found, they are true gems. And those things I've found to be gems for me are included here, as I have time to add them. Feel free to let me know if they help you too.


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